Whale Tales 2022

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24 January – 18 April 2022

Trypophobia Whale Tale Sculpture
Artist: Kerri-Ann Graham
Sponsored by: Meadowbank Shopping Centre
Art Trail #: 31

About Whale Tales

Whale Tales is a free, family-friendly public art trail celebrating Aotearoa, art, and marine conservation.

Whales Tales features 80 massive (1.8 m tall) whale tail sculptures that have been turned into a bespoke piece of art by well-known and emerging kiwi artists including Otis Frizzell, Weta Workshop, Cora-Allan Wickliffe, and Jeff Thomson. The tails – inspired by the endangered Bryde’s whale – will tell the “tales” of our moana and how we all have a part to play for a healthy ocean.

From 24 January through 18 April, the tails will be displayed across Tāmaki Makaurau’s streets, parks, and open spaces. And keep an eye out for 80 smaller tails on the trail, decorated by students from local schools as part of the Whale Tales Learning Programme.

 Find them all using the trail map on the Whale Tales app, which you can download from the app store or Google play, and see the tails all together at the Farewell Weekend event from 29 April -1 May. When the trail ends, the little tails will be returned to schools to enjoy, and the large ones will be auctioned to raise money for WWF-New Zealand’s vital work to protect and restore the Hauraki Gulf.

Visit www.whaletales2022.org to learn more.


Artwork Inspiration:

“Whale Tales 2022” is about striving for a healthy ocean, so I wanted to paint this tale with something vibrant that represents life and regeneration.

Coral reefs help to regulate carbon dioxide levels in the ocean as well as provide shelter and homes to a wide range of ocean life, like an underwater city.

Coral was the perfect subject matter for me as it satisfied my fondness for bold colours, organic shapes and fine detail.


About Kerri-Ann Graham:

Constantly fascinated by nature, people, and the undercover joy of everyday life, Kerri-Ann often explores these themes through the beautiful non-logic of daydreams.

In real life, Kerri-Ann mostly dresses in black – but it’s in her art practice that she romps about in vivid colour. Audiences delve into her intricate, colourful worlds, populated with characters you’d love to meet and worlds you’d very much like to explore.

With a Bachelor of Visual Arts and several short courses in illustration under her belt, Kerri-Ann has worked on multiple client projects. Her career in advertising gives her a big advantage in managing tight deadlines and an extensive knowledge of printing and production.